As parents, our primary responsibility is to ensure the safety, health and welfare of our children. As we all know, that’s a full time job. In addition to being full time parents of twins, we’re also full time employees. Kelly, a Child and Adolescent Psychologist and George an Engineer. Helping people and solving problems is in our DNA. As parents, there are many moments that stick out in our mind but the one that always makes us shudder is the idea of something happening to our children.


Shortly after our twins were born, the time came to begin safety proofing our home. We found we couldn’t do it fast enough to curb their curiosity. One thing that truly scared us as parents was their fascination with electrical outlets and light switches.


We would walk through our home multiple times throughout the day and find that the light switches were turned on throughout our home and that the outlet protectors that are currently sold by “other” child safety product manufacturers taken out and dropped on the floor.


Much to our surprise, nothing like what we were looking for existed and that is when the idea to create a better way to keep kids safe around electrical outlets and switches came to fruition. Child Be Safe was officially born and it became our mission to provide a safer environment around electrical outlets and light switches giving parents peace of mind.




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